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On March 22, 2009

Front Porch Pickin’ presented “Cabin Fever Blues”

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On June 7, 2009

Front Porch Pickin’ presented “Celebrate. . .”

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To: Front Porch Pickin’,


I received the donation from the show.  Thank you very much, it's a huge donation!!


Also, Friday we had our first Gleaners Food truck out by you.  It was held at the Coopersville High School parking lot.


It was awesome.  I was a little worried that not very many people would show up, but I was wrong.  The truck had 5,000 lbs. of fresh food.  We started giving it away at 10:00am and we were done by 11:00am.  I'm always amazed that we are able to make sure everyone receives a good amount of food and not have any left over.  There wasn't even a crumb left!!!!  I remember reading a story somewhere about some "loafs and fishes" where they always had enough food for everyone.  It's just like the story, we always have enough food for everyone.


I met many new people from Nunica, Crockery and Coopersville.  They were all very friendly and appreciated the extra food.  The next truck is on July 31st and it's going to be held more to the west side of Coopersville.  It's going to be held in the parking lot of a church, where Coopersville Cares operates from.  Let everyone know who needs a little helping hand that they are welcome. 


If your available that morning, you are more than welcome to come and volunteer.  If your able, I guarantee that you will get more out of it than the people getting the food.  It's a real blessing.


Anyhow, enough of me.  Thanks for everything you do and helping those less fortunate.


God Bless You,

After expenses proceeds from the above two events went to the Area Food Pantry (Gleaner Truck).


Here is an e-mail from the Gleaners Food Truck that was sent a few days after the June 7th event.